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New years resolutions from Precision Plumbing

Posted on 28 December, 2016 at 19:48

The New Year is an excellent time to take initiatives to better care for yourself, your family and your home. This includes your plumbing. Not all resolutions are meant to be broken! Plumbing and drains are fundamental elements of your home. They work tirelessly, but usually do not get much attention. They keep a home running smoothly. This year, along with your diet, be mindful of how you treat your plumbing. To ensure it functions better, read this list of resolutions to keep in the upcoming year.

1. Conserve water usage.
Have you ever thought about how much water you use on a daily basis? Although you might not realize, it’s easy to scale back on water usage. Start out with a simple adjustment like turning the water off while brushing your teeth every day. Before long, you’ll see a decrease in your utility bill.

2. Treat your toilet well.
Toilets work hard for you. They endure messes no one wants to deal with. That is why you should be careful with what you flush down your toilet. There are many things your toilet can’t process, such as sanitary pads, q-tips, tissues, wet wipes and more. Rather than flushing these items, put them in the trashcan.

3. Be kind to your garbage disposal.
Much like your toilet, you should be observant of what you put in your garbage disposal. Learn which items are acceptable to go inside it. Be sure to run water each time you use your disposal to avoid buildup that causes unpleasant odors in the home.

4. Keep your pipes warm during winter.
When the temperature drops, don’t let your pipes suffer in the cold weather. Burst pipes are a huge hassle and can be very expensive to repair. Make sure they are properly insulated to avoid plumbing disasters in the future.

5. Contact Precision Plumbing as soon as possible.
This year, as soon as you notice something wrong, contact Precision Plumbing instead of waiting until it’s too late.  Plumbing issues only get worse, and more expensive, as time goes on. Our team of professionals consists of some of the most experienced and qualified plumbers working today. They are ready and available, no matter what time of day.
Not only will these resolutions ensure your plumbing will perform better, it will also lead to long-term savings. A well-run and maintained plumbing system will break less frequently and be more energy and water efficient. This means monthly savings on your utility bill with less risk for expensive repair services.
If you find yourself in need of a professional plumber to help you handle a plumbing disaster in the upcoming year, you know who to call!
We wish you a happy and healthy new year, from all of us at Precision Plumbing!!

Precision Plumbing LLC     (715)-789-2295

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